About Us

A broad network of relationships holds the key to the many doors across a wide range of sectors and a broad geographic area in Africa’s often complex, always enigmatic, business and investment environment. Connecter le Monde offers facilitation, relationship building, and business broking services across Africa mainly in four major areas.

Connecter Le Monde (Pty)Ltd is a South African Consulting Based Company founded by Mr. Dewhard  Mupenda with an objective of fostering development and business opportunities for the African continent. Connecter  Le Monde is a Global Consulting Company which operates in different sector of industries.

Africa’s Dealmaker:  Connecter Le Monde weaves connections for development and success. There’s always an Answer ” Says Dewhard Mupenda Connecter Le Monde founder “. Its knowing where to look and who to talk to that makes a difference. Can’t be done is not Connecter Le Monde option. The philosophy is to understand the context, diagnose the issue, and develop the solutions.

Current Projects

Mining, Gas and Oil:

The African continent has a rich heritage with many natural resources and commodities which offer potential growth, business and development opportunities. This offers a diverse spectrum for the investor and affords many opportunities to engage in fair trade and promote local development. There are few areas where unfair trade practices have been identified resulting in countries and communities being exploited. Connecter le Monde ensures that its interventions and support to clients and stakeholders are fair and honest which promotes peace and community well being. Connecter le Monde emphasis on the need for the African continent to work together to promote business opportunities which embodies ethical values and principles. Connecter le Monde is able to facilitate partnerships or broker relationships for companies who would like to explore these resources.


Connecter le Monde works to bring African stories that reflect personal, developmental, and business successes.  The African continent is often reflected as corrupt and incapable of competing with their peers on the world stage.  Connecter le Monde would like to look at the real African stories that embody character and depth to change the perception of Africa and reflect its true essence of courage, entrepreneurship and development.  Africans have a lot of potential and yet we are constantly seen as a high risk, however, there are many examples of success and innovation that need to be told and shared. We will tell the stories of the true African heroes and heroines who are slowly but surely developing the continent. Connecter le Monde will bring you the African stories to you. Connecter le Monde can facilitate media campaigns, sponsorships, and franchises which will appeal to the African audience.

Food Security:

Connecter le Monde fully supports environmentally sustainable practices within Africa as we are adversely affected by global warming.  We as Africans depend heavily on the land and its produce for survival.  Drought and flash floods have ruined many crops and lands and we do not have the means and education to mitigate the global warming burden.  African faces challenges with future water reserves, sustainable farming methods due to a lack of organised government policy and financial support.  We seek to partner with green environment organisations to help Africans to be aware of the high risks associated with global warming and what measures should be taken to reduce the burden on the environment.  Food is the greatest challenge for African societies.  Non governmental organisations in most cases have come to the rescue of many African children who are not properly nutrition-ed.  This is where Africa needs to unite, for the sake of their children and the continued supply of food.

Energy And Technology:

Energy supplies and stocks are becoming a huge challenge for Africans.  Energy drives all our industries and households and without its supply we will be facing severe difficulties in securing investments.  In Africa we have some of the biggest dams in the world but fail to utilise these assets to its fullest potential. The reasons for those failures are numerous.  What can we do as Africans to improve our energy footprint?  We have an abundance of natural energy, yet we lack the expertise to capture and utilise that abundance.  Africa definitely needs to partner with some of the wealthier nations to innovate and grow the solar and alternate energy industries to plan for a more sustainable future.

Health And Clean Water:

South Africa offers worldclass private medical care and facilities and is fast becoming the provider of such services to the rest of Africa and its medical toursim sector has steadily grown in the recent past.. We offer facilitation and support services across the medical touirism spectrum. With expert partners we are able to offer a range of services from evacuation, logistics, medical aid and hospital liaison etc.

Clean water facilitation and storage is still a global challenge with many African countries affected adversely. Clean drinking water is a scarce commodity in Africa with many challenges in the water purification plants and water storage mechanisms . Connecter le Monde has associates who have the expertise and technology that can provide solutions in this area.

Chief Executive Officer
Connecter Le Monde (Pty)Ltd